Student visa holders in Australia can work:
  • for up to 48 hours in a two-week period with any employer
  • unlimited hours during any study breaks
Typical jobs which students and working holiday makers do are in these industries:
  • Hospitality (cafes, bars & restaurants): kitchen hand (preparing food and/or washing dishes), waiter/waitress, barista (making coffee), cashier, food delivery, bar staff

  • Retail/Sales: Shop assistant, supermarket worker

  • Agriculture/Farming: Fruit picking and farm work (working holiday makers)

  • Construction: Labourer (on a building site)

  • Other: Cleaner, traffic control, factory worker

Don't miss a work opportunity

ELC's study timetables are flexible to fit your work opportunities. You can choose if you want to study during the daytime or in the evening to suit your work schedule. Live classes are delivered twice a week over 13.5hrs and you can then fit your self-study into your week according to your work shifts.


Maximise your chance of finding work

ELC offers a free program to our students help you in your search for work which includes:
Work orientation
Take our online course ‘Getting a job in Australia’ (free to ELC students) in which you’ll learn how to:

Apply for a tax-file number

Prepare a resume (and have your English checked by a teacher)

Search for and apply for jobs

Do well in a job interview in English

And learn about pay rates and working conditions

Work preparation
You can also take any of our free short online English for work courses including:

English for baristas

English for bar staff

English for kitchen hands

English for wait staff

Work Support
Students can make an appointment to discuss their employment with our Work coordinator at any time to:

Enquire about tax

Receive advice about a contract

Any other work-related questions


Hospitality skills and qualifications

Many students find work in cafes, bars and restaurants in Australia. To gain the relevant skills or qualifications, visit our travel and work desk inside our student lounge to book one of the following courses:

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) - This qualification is mandatory for bar and restaurant staff in Australia. This is a one-day course and you will get your certificate on the same day.
  • Coffee skills - train to become a barista thanks to this half day course.
  • Bar skills - This course takes you through the basics of how to serve drinks in a bar.

Apply for a professional internship

Maximise your potential

Are you interested in a professional work placement during or after the end of you course? ELC has partnered with Australia’s leading provider of internships. Together, we offer endless opportunities for you apply the knowledge and skills you acquire in your course to a professional context. Internships are unpaid but prove to be a great stepping stone to your future career.

Apply to be an au pair

Accommodation, work & cultural experience combined

Being an au pair is a cultural experience in which in exchange for helping out with childcare or nanny duties and light housework you are welcomed as a member of the family, given full board accommodation in your own room and paid pocket money.

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