ELC is a multi-award-winning English language school so you can be confident that you will receive the very best tuition and service. Founded in 2003, ELC boasts one of the best nationality mixes in Australia with students from around 35 different countries attending the school at one time and 50 countries throughout the year. This great mix ensures that students will have to speak English all day to communicate and make friends and also ensures a fantastic cross-cultural experience and the best start to your studies in Australia.

About ELC

ELC is a multi-award-winning English language school so you can be confident that you will receive the very best tuition and service. Founded in 2003, ELC has a very strong reputation as one of Australia’s best quality English Language schools. We are well-known for offering the highest academic standards and student care as well as for our awards and excellent nationality mix!

English school

ELC has won numerous awards, including the most prestigious of the industry, the “Star English Language School Southern Hemisphere” award. After 5 win, ELC reached “Lifetime winner” status in this category.


Excellent mix
of nationalities

At any time of the year, you can meet students from over 35 countries at school. This great mix ensures that students have to speak English all day and this accelerates progress.

Wide range of
English courses
to choose from

ELC has many courses on offer: you can choose from General English, Academic English or one of our exam preparation courses and choose a day or evening timetable to suit your lifestyle or work schedule. Course lengths are also flexible, from 1 to 52 weeks!


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Communicative methodology

You will have many opportunities to communicate throughout the lesson with your teacher and classmates. Your teacher will use a variety of approaches to present and practise language and skills in real-world contexts.

Comfortable classrooms

Classrooms and learning spaces have been specifically designed to facilitate communication and comfort and give you variety in your learning day.

Customisable courses

ELC’s unique study system that allows you to customise your course to suit your individual needs and interests

Small classes

ELC has small classes so that you can get the attention you need. The average class size is 13.

Excellent teachers

ELC students consistently rate their teachers as excellent. All teachers are qualified and experienced with university degrees and specialist TESOL qualifications.

Learn outside the classroom

Classes are intensive but it’s the whole experience that will ensure that your English improves a lot in a short time. Speaking English all day, taking part in our activities around Sydney, socialising with your classmates will all assist your progress towards your vocational course and ensure you settle in, make friends and make the most of your experience in Australia.

Learn in small groups

You will work independently, in pairs or collaboratively in groups depending on what suits the lesson.


Course Packages

ELC and SELC share the same campus and are operated by the same management and student services teams. This make our “English course + Business qualification” packages very easy to organise. You could even study both courses on 1 visa!

One dedicated

SELC and ELC and have the same dedicated management and student services team. So throughout your studies in Australia you will be supported by the same friendly staff who will get to know you well.


One city
centre campus

SELC and ELC are co-located in the same convenient campus in the centre of Sydney. So there’s no need to change campus when you transition from your English to vocational studies.

Interested in an English course?

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