Prepare for your next role as a project administrator or coordinator in any industry.

In this course you’ll learn project planning techniques, communication and relationship management skills, as well as key time management and prioritisation strategies. You’ll develop your ability to utilise project tools and methodologies selectively, and to successfully support the activities of any organisation - making yourself a valuable asset.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, your newly acquired skillset means you could start your career as a:

  • Project Administrator / Coordinator
  • Project Officer
  • Project Analyst
  • Project Records Officer
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    Nationally recognised qualification

    BSB40920 (AQF Level 4) is a recognised qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

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    8 intakes per year

    Start your course in January, February, April, May, July, August, October or November each year.

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    3 terms of 9 weeks study

    This program is structured in 3 terms of 9 weeks and includes scheduled study breaks of 3 weeks between each term (7 weeks in Dec-Jan)

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    33-40 weeks enrolment

    From start to end date, your total study period may span 33 to 40 weeks, depending on your chosen start date.

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    9 units of study

    Each term you will study a module of 3 units

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    Blended learning

    This program includes face to face teaching on campus as well as online practice on your own schedule.

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    Become job ready

    Through this course, you will gain fundamental skills and knowledge to apply project cost and time management techniques, and much more.

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    Competitive pricing + package promotions

    As a stand-alone enrolment, you will find our course fees very competitive. Package it with an English course and save $250 enrolment fees.

Course Units

  • Module A
  • Module B
  • Module C

Project planning

BSBPMG420 Apply project scope management techniques

This unit will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to assist with identifying project objectives, deliverables, constraints, assumptions and outcomes. You’ll learn to apply controls for the project scope and review the suitability of the controls used.

BSBPMG423 Apply project cost management techniques

Learn to produce a project budget, monitor expenditure and contribute to cost finalisation processes. This unit will give you the skills and knowledge required to develop a budget by identifying objectives, deliverables, requirements, cost estimates and strategies for managing expenses.

BSBCRT411 Apply critical thinking to work practices

Develop essential high-level critical thinking skills for the workplace. These are highly valued by employers in anyone involved in reviewing, finding creative solutions to issues and developing work processes, products or services.


Project communication

BSBLDR413 Lead effective workplace relationships

Learn to motivate and mentor staff and act as the bridge between management and your team. You will develop your skills in facilitating collaboration, managing conflict and relationships and communicating effectively to a range of audiences.

BSBPMG422 Apply project quality management techniques

This unit will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to enhance project outcomes through quality planning, applying policies and procedures for quality control, and contributing to the review and continuous improvement of projects.

BSBPMG429 Apply project stakeholder engagement techniques

Learn what is required to manage stakeholder relationships during a project, ensuring timely and appropriate involvement of key individuals, organisations and groups. Build your skills in identifying and addressing stakeholder interests and maintaining relationships through effective communication strategies.


Project management

BSBPMG421 Apply project time management techniques

You will learn the skills and knowledge required to schedule project activities, apply and monitor the project schedule and evaluate the effectives of time management. At the completion of this unit, you’ll be able to effectively assist in developing a project schedule, by considering task breakdown and staff allocation, resource requirements, costs, risks and more.

BSBPMG426 Apply project risk management techniques

This unit will teach you what is required to assist in the risk management aspects of a project, including planning for, controlling and reviewing risks. You’ll learn to assist with risk analysis and planning, executing risk-control activities, developing contingency plans and assessing the outcomes of the techniques used.

BSBPMG424 Apply project human resources management approaches

Learn various aspects of human resource management, including establishing requirements and assigning responsibilities, identifying and facilitating the learning and development needs of others, as well as maintaining relationships and resolving conflict in your project team.

Delivery mode

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    Live lectures delivered by trainers with real life experience

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    (Supported learning)


    Small classes focused on developing and practising key capabilities required for assessment

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    (Supported learning)


    Collaborative tasks aimed at applying skills and knowledge in simulated workplace conditions

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    (Online Learning)


    Structured activities available from our e-learning platform, designed to reinforce skills acquisition


ELC’s courses are conveniently scheduled in the late afternoons/evenings and only 2 days per week, allowing a maximum of flexibility for daytime work, independent study and personal time.

Focus on 21st Century skills

All of our courses are founded on the blend of 3 essential features:

  • Workplace

    The verbal and written communication skills needed to do your job effectively, create a positive impression and make an impact

  • Business

    The knowledge required to engage in, lead and manage the operations of a business

  • Transferable

    Skills highly valued by employers that will give you an edge in whatever job you do

Program designed for international students

ELC has over 35 years of experience in delivering the highest standards to international students. We understand that studying in a second language, far away from home, and with different methods can be a huge challenge.

At ELC Career College, we make it easy:
  • All of our course units have been carefully selected to suit an international audience
  • Our course materials are specially designed to suit your needs
  • Our trainers have received specialist training in delivering courses to non-native speakers

This means that you can truly make the most out of your qualification at ELC and maximise your potential.

Learning outcomes, resources and assessment

Learning Outcomes

Through this course, you will gain fundamental skills and knowledge to:

  • Work autonomously
  • Plan projects effectively
  • Manage your time and meet deadlines
  • Communicate successfully with others
  • Implement project tools and systems


Our resources are carefully developed to meet the needs of international students: they include extra support and practical tasks to help you understand the content clearly. All course materials and workbooks are available for free download from your e-learning platform.



You will be assessed through a combination of assessment types such as written assignments, case studies, reports, group tasks, portfolios and presentations. You must successfully pass all units to complete the qualification.

Entry requirements
  • Age

    Be aged 18 years or over

  • Academic

    Successful completion of Australian Year 12 or international equivalent

  • English Level

    IELTS proficiency level of 5.5 or above or equivalent.

Note that students are expected to bring their own laptop or tablet for home and classroom use.

Program dates

This qualification is delivered over 3 terms of 9 weeks. The total study period is 27 weeks. Your exact enrolment and break lengths depend on your start date, as detailed below:

Choose your course start date
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Fees and package specials
  • Prices
  • Enrolment Fee

    $ 250

  • Tuition Fee

    $ 7,500 ($2,500 per term)

  • Materials Fee

    $ 395


Special promotions also available to students who first enrol into an English course at English Language Company (ELC)

Study pathways

Enrol into several courses and build your own study pathway. Popular package options with this course include:

Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
Certificate III in Business
Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
Certificate III in Business
Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
Diploma of Project Management
English Language Course at ELC
Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
Diploma of Project Management
English Language Course at ELC
Certificate IV in Project Management Practice
Diploma of Leadership and Management

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Luiza Elena Morgado


The teachers are good professionals and they push us to do a good job. Also, the building is nice. It was an excellent experience and I could enjoy the student life.

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