Whether you want to work your way around Australia, find part-time work in Sydney or improve your future career prospects, we have a program that will suit you.

Depending on your visa options, there are four programs you can choose from

Work Ready Program

If you are on a student visa, you can work part time (20 hours per week) and if you are on a working holiday visa you can work part-time while studying or full time after you finish your course. Our Work Ready Program is a free service that will help you in your search for work.

Work & Travel Program

We have teamed up with Australia’s largest employment agency for working holiday makers, if you have a working holiday visa become a member and receive all their services including access to paid work.

Professional Internship

If you want to get valuable work experience in your chosen profession we can organise a professional internship for you. You will need to have the right to work in Australia to apply for this program.

Demi pair

Being a demi pair is a cultural experience in which in exchange for helping out with childcare or nanny duties and light housework you are welcomed as a member of the family and offered meals & accommodation. Study first for a few months and then move in with your host family or become a demi pair straight away joining your host family on arrival in Sydney.


Joining ELC Volunteering program is the first step towards a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to volunteer and travel in Australia. Ideal for students who want to contribute to the conservation and rehabilitation of the unique Australian wildlife. Study first for few months and then take off on your next adventure.

Other ways ELC helps you with preparing for work in Australia

Dedicated English for Work classes:

You can join our International Business English class and/or attend our weekly Work Ready seminars addressing topics such as:

  • Preparing your resume
  • Interview techniques
  • The language you need for typical working holiday and student jobs in Australia
Hospitality skills and qualifications

Many of our students find work in cafes, bars and restaurants in Australia. To gain the relevant skills or qualifica- tions, visit our travel and work desk inside our student lounge to book one of the following courses:

  • Coffee skills – train to become a barista thanks to this half day course.
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) – This qualification is mandatory for bar and restaurant staff in Australia. This is a one-day course and you will get your certificate on the same day.
  • Cocktail skills – This course teaches you the skills and secrets behind the best cocktails.

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