Are you planning to study in English at an Australian university or business college?
There are several ways ELC can help you make this happen.

Improve your English, acquire academic skills, meet the English entry requirement

At ELC, we understand that while gaining entry into the institution of your choice may be your immediate goal, getting you ready for the linguistic and academic challenges of further studies in English is of the utmost importance to ensure that you succeed once you get there. So when you enrol with us, we make sure we liaise with you over your desired further study institution and program and check its English entry requirement.


1.Improve your English

Upon enrolment, we will assess your level of English and recommend the ideal study length for you to progress to your target level. This helps you plan your enrolment and visa application so that you can transfer from ELC to your college or university smoothly. Many students start with a General English course and sometimes a Cambridge Exam Preparation course. These are the best programs for you to make fast progress in your all-round English. Completion of one of these courses at the appropriate level will be enough for you to gain entry to some vocational courses, as detailed on our pathways list, but for other vocational and all Higher Education courses you will need to study Academic English.

2.Acquire academic skills

To succeed in tertiary courses in Australia, you will need to learn a lot of new skills beyond your conversational English. Our English for Academic Purposes courses will teach you all the skills you need, including:

  • – Listening and note taking for lectures
  • – Academic research
  • – Presentations
  • – Speaking skills for tutorials
  • – Academic Reading and writing

All of this ensures that you are ready for all challenges of academic studies in English once you have gained entry into your desired institution.

3.Meet the English entry requirement

All higher and tertiary education institutions in Australia require international students to meet English requirements, usually by showing an IELTS test score. However, ELC also has agreements with many major universities and colleges who allow our students to enter directly into certificate, diploma, graduate and postgraduate programs without an IELTS test, providing you have successfully completed our English for Academic Purposes course at the appropriate level. Our English for Academic Purposes course has therefore been developed to cater for both profiles of students:

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