The ELC Approach

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to accelerate your learning and progress to the level you want to achieve. It may seem difficult but it’s our job to make it easy! So how do we do it?

Our methodology

We’re a fun school that’s serious about learning. You will have many opportunities to communicate throughout the lesson with your teacher and classmates. Your teacher will use a variety of approaches to present and practise language and skills in real-world contexts.

Excellent teachers

Our students consistently rate ELC teachers as excellent. All teachers are qualified and experienced with university degrees and specialist TESOL qualifications.

Collaborative learning

You will work independently, in pairs or collaboratively in groups depending on what suits the lesson. Our classrooms and learning spaces have been specifically designed to facilitate communication and comfort and give you variety in your learning day.

Learning and technology

Lessons are all face-to-face but teachers use the latest digital resources to ensure that your lessons are varied, up-to-date and dynamic.

Fast pace, maximum progress

Our classes are intensive but it’s the whole experience that will ensure that your English improves a lot in a short time. Speaking English all day, taking part in our activities around Sydney, socialising with your classmates will all assist your progress.

Small classes in the daytime

All our daytime course have small classes so that you can get the attention you need. Our average class size is 13.

Certificates and
level records

Your ELC certificate is a record of your course and level of English upon completion.

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