Our Students
ELC students truly come from all over the world, with typically:
  • Over 30 nationalities attending the school at any one time
  • Students from over 50 countries enrolling over a year
  • An incredibly well-balanced mix of nationalities

What does our great nationality mix mean for you?

Being immersed in such a diverse environment every day means that you – and everyone else at school – truly need to speak English to communicate with each other. This practice outside of class time is essential to accelerate your progress.

Beyond this linguistic aspect, our rich and diverse nationality mix also means that you will get to experience the most amazing cross-cultural exchanges and make your stay at ELC all the more enriching.

Beyond this overall nationality mix at school, please refer to your chosen program page to learn more about the average nationality mix for your program over the past 12 months – keeping in mind that enrolments are different every year and nationality mix is seasonal.