ELC a Green Standard School
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ELC a Green Standard School

29 March ELC News, Uncategorized

ELC is very proud to announce that we are now an accredited Green Standard School!

As the first Green Standard School in Australia, we’re thrilled to join the growing community of language schools worldwide who are 100% committed to environmental sustainability.

The not-for-profit association, Green Standard Schools (GSS) aims to lessen the impact that language teaching has on the environment and we hope to contribute to a brighter, greener future as part of this program.

Although COVID-19 has slowed down our efforts a little, we’ll continue our actions towards the “four Rs” throughout ELC and encourage students to do the same.

Thanks to the help of initiatives such as REDCycle, TerraCycle & Simply Cups Australia, we aim to reduce our waste and use reusable or biodegradable products as much as possible.

We’ll continue our partnership with One Tree Planted to support reforestation and hope to make a positive contribution to the future of our environment.

A big thank you to GSS for your support and recognition. We are grateful to be a part of this wonderful community!