Au pair

Being an au pair is a cultural experience in which in exchange for helping out with childcare or nanny duties and light housework you are welcomed as a member of the family, given full board accommodation in your own room and paid pocket money. Study first for a few months and then – once you have finished your English course – move in with your host family and become an au pair.


Why become an au pair

Au pair duties

As an au pair, you should help with childcare and light housework. Each family have their own requirements but typical duties include:

Au pair rewards

In exchange for these, you will have a private room in the family home with meals included, as well as some pocket money. The amount of pocket money you receive will depend on the program chosen and the number of hours of help you provide on that program.
Being an au pair with ELC still leaves time off each week for you to enjoy your time in Sydney.


Who can join?

Eligibility criteria inlcude:

What level of English do I need?

You will need to have an intermediate level of English minimum upon starting your au pair experience. For applicants with a lower level, some program options start with the English course only until your level is up to the required standard and then your demi pair experience starts. For bookings or more information, please contact ELC for details.

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